10 Mistakes To Avoid on Your Website 

The exclusive, game-changing guide from Smith & Crawford, featured on Heather Terveen's podcast.

Feel like your website is stuck in 2000s? That's why we've cooked up this guide with the top 10 mistakes we see people make when building their websites. We're talking practical insights to dodge these common pitfalls and upgrade your site's game in functionality, compliance, and visibility. Because we both know, your website deserves better than amateur hour.

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Are you ready to supercharge your website and branding? Sara and Julia from Smith & Crawford Company share tips and tricks to build a standout brand and avoid costly mistakes, so you have a premium brand that draws in high-value clients and patients.

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The importance of researching and choosing the right company to work with.

How cohesive branding impacts user experience and trust.

The necessity of strategic, entertaining copy and strong call-to-actions.

We're Not Saying You're A Secret Agent

But With This Guide, You Might Just Save Your Website From Disaster By Learning:

Ensuring your website is legally compliant and user-friendly.

The benefits of implementing SEO, using intake forms, and keeping your site updated for better visibility and functionality.

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